Next Enti Movie Review – Vetagadu

Next Enti movie has hit the theaters on 7th December with huge expectations as it is directed by Kunal Kohli. As he has a wonderful entertainer like Hum Tum there is a huge expectation on Next Enti but disappointed the audience. In modern society as living relationships are increasing this film is released based on present-day relationships and their later circumstances.


Sandeep Kishan
Tammana Bhatia
Sharat Babu,
Poonam Kaur

Director: Kunal Kohli
Producer: Sachin Joshi
Music: Liyan James
Cinematography: Manish Chandra Bhatt
Editor: Anil Kumar Bontu

Sandeep Kishan plays the male lead role in this movie and Tammana Bhatia plays the female lead role where Navdeep plays a guest role in this film. Even though Sandeep Kishan, Tammana and Navdeep played their roles 100% audience cannot connect to the story as there is lag till the end titles.

Editing part of the story can be better to reach the audience properly and convey what he wanted to tell through this story. Also, there are no commercials elements that can attract the youth audience to the theaters.


Tomy is a girl brought up in London with traditional values who lost her mother in her childhood. She got up under father’s protection. There she meets Sanju (Sandeep) and fell in love with him which led to a serious living relationship. But still, they had to break up for few reasons which can be seen on the big screen. Later Tomy meets Krish (Navdeep) an industrialist. She maintains a living relationship with Krish and later break up with him also. All this will make Tomy build hatred towards men. All the story revolves around this three guys and the ending was not appropriate says many audiences.


As there are no romantic elements that attract youth and the urban coded love story is not reaching the audience as expected. Dialogues, story, and screenplay are dull and did not suit the story.