118 MOVIE REVIEW – Vetagadu

The 118 movie has created a buzz in recent times which made the audience hookup to the story with the interesting trailers. This suspense triller has been directed by K.V. Guhan and produced by Mahesh Koneru. The fine triller, 118 has hit the screen today and getting positive response all over.

Cast :

Starring : Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas, Shalini Pandey and others

Director : K. V. Guhan

Producers : Mahesh koneru

Music Director : Sekhar Chandra

Cinematographer : K. V. Guhan

Editor : Bikkina Thammiraju

Story :

Goutham (Kalyan Ram) is a journalist on a mission to unveil the truth about the girl Aadhya (Nivetha Thomas) and also about his weird dreams of getting her killed. Later, situations related to the dreams and keep happening in his real life as well with a connection to the number 118. So, he has left with no other choice than to investigate the case by himself with the help of Megha (Shalini Pandey) with whom his marriage is fixed and his friend Prabhas Sreenu. They are in the process of investigating who is Aadhya? what happened to her? what is the back story of Goutham and Aadhya? Why it is connected to the number 118? One should watch the movie in theatres before the story gets divulged. 

Plus Points :


Gripping Screenplay

Background Score

Nivetha Thomas Performance

Minus Points :

Slow Second half


Review :

The movie 118 holds the audience to the screen with the intriguing suspense all over. Shalini pandey role is decent but doesn’t add much weight to the story. Prabhas Seenu is good as always. Though the back story of Nivetha Thomas is predictable, her performance made audience hookup to screens.