KTR Reply to Pawan Allegations – Vetagadu

On the other day Pawan Kalyan made allegations on KCR during his election campaigns that he is illtreating Andhra people in Telangana states. For this allegation Telangana working president, MP K Taraka Ramarao son of KCR tweeted saying that Telangana is a home of all states.

He also said in many public meetings that Pawan Kalyan can farm his house here, put upcandidates here, campaign here in Telangana and he has all the freedom to do everything in this state. Not only Pawan Kalyan every resident who stays in Telangana state is respected and not troubled in any case.

KTR tweeted, “Dear @PawanKalyan Garu, I hope this was misrepresentation of your thoughts. As you’re aware, Telangana is home to people from 29 states who are living harmoniously since formation of the state

I am sure you agree with me that this sort of rhetoric creates undesirable negativity “

KTR also reminded Pawan Kalyan that one year ago he is the one who praised KCR saying that there is some peace and harmony in this land. Suddenly what happend and what makes you talk like this and make allegations on KCR he asks.

KTR says that, “In the past elections we made all our promises come true and gained people confidence and won in the recent elections. Andhra settlers also voted us and gave us majority in Telangana.”