Yatra first ticket for 4.37 Lakhs – Vetagadu

As we all know YSR padayatra sequence is directed by Mahi V. Raghav in the name of Yatra. This film is getting ready to release very soon under 70 MM Entertainments banner. Mammootty is playing the role of YSR in this film and other important role like YSR father is played by Jagapathibabu.

Makers of the film are promoting the film heavily for acheiving good openings. Yatra is all based on the real story of YSR during his Padayatra before the elections 2004. YSR is the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. The film is getting good buzz around the industry and also YSR fans.

Celebrating the release of the film, in the US premier show the ticket of Yatra is kept for auction. A die-hard fan of YSR, Muneshwar Reddy purchased the first ticket in the auction for 6,116 dollars that means in Indian currency it is 4.37 lakhs. The makers of the film expressed their happiness as the film if grabbing everyone’s attention from the Telugu states and also from the overseas.

The makers of the film Hanu V. Raghav and producers announced that they will take the price of tickets which is about 12 dollars approximately 860 rupees. Rest of the money will be donated to YSR Foundation. The foundation will utilize this money for Rajanna Canteens, Water Plants, etc where ever necessary.