Vijay Devarakonda Proved Again – Vetagadu

We all know about the unforgettable attack on our Indian soldiers at Pulwama. About 40 jawans sacrificed their lives and few others are injured in this incident. From common man to celebrities everyone is showing their deep condolences about the tragedy. But Tollywood new sensation Vijay Devarakonda has responded on this issue in a unique way.

Vijay devarakonda took a step forward not just by saying RIP but also took his part in the financial support to the Jawan’s families through He also suggested instead of saying RIP we better take our part to support their families.

Through twitter official page he twitted saying, “They protect our families.
We must stand by the families of our soldiers. No contribution can be substantial for our soldiers’ lives, but we have to do our bit, I’ve done mine.

Together let’s Contribute, together we will create a support system.”

This youthful artist has again proved that he is different from others. We can expect this will reach the more common man who feels responsible to take part and support the families who are in deep sadness after this incident.