Stunning 5 Scenes of NTR Biopic – Vetagadu

Here are the 5 most crucial scenes of NTR Kathanayakudu. These scenes will grab everyone attention in many aspects. Balayya steals the show in many scenes going into the shoes of NTR.

His Resignation for Government Job:

The movie opens with NTR as a sub registrar but later he resigns the job as it is against his ideology. He come home and expresses that he want to go to movies and his wife Basava Tarakam will support him to follow this dream.

NTR Elder Son Death:

When NTR is in shooting he comes to know about his elder son Ramakrishna. But still as that is the last day of shoot he will finish the shoot and leave the set. Other artists in the set will get shocked after listening the news.

Daana Veera Soora Karna:

The scene where balakrishna plays Daana Veera Surakarna role… NTR is portrayed as a great actor, director, writter and many more through this scene. NTR played three roles in this film and the whole sequence will take goosebumps.

Lord Krishna:

The scene where NTR comes in blue skin to appear Lord Krishna role, everyone is the set will get emotional as he really looks like Lord Krishna. The director and music director has given a great elevation for this scene. With the background music and Balayya performance everyone in the theater feel the goosebumps.

Finally… Announcement of TDP:

NTR biopic ends with dynamic scene where NTR announces the TDP party name. The speech that he gives in the meeting at MLA quarters will end the part 1 NTR Kathanayakudu. This is a brilliant pause till the second part release.