RGV says Dark Secrets of NTR revealed by Rama Prabha – Vetagadu

The controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma is now busy in making NTR’s biopic from the eye of Lakshmi Parvati. This raised lot of expectations on the film as there is a controvertial content when it is dealt from the eye of Lakshmi Parvathi. He recently released the trailer of the film and it trending on social media. Audience are eagerly waiting for the release of the film.

Being very busy with this film RGV managed time to meet the versatile actress Rama Prabha garu. After a talk with the actress, he expressed his fanboy moment. He posted a photo with the versatile actress and captioned it saying, ”My fanboy moment with the unimaginably versatile and super energetic actress Rama Prabha Garu 🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍”

He also tweeted, ”The beautiful Rama Prabha Garu has told me some very deep and very very dark secrets about NTR”.

RGV very well know the pulse of the audience. This tweet from him will make the audience think more about what dark secrets would she share with RGV that he can show in his film. It is known to every one that RGV has huge admiration for many of the industry people and now posting this pic with Rama Prabha and the caption is raising more expectations on the film.

Everything that is happening with RGV these days is linked with NTR’s Biopic somewhere. This seems like a promotional stunt by RGV to promote Lakshmi’s NTR more than expected.