Nithya Menon Shared Pic with his friend – Vetagadu

Nithya Menon keeps her personal life very private and never shares anything about her personal life on social media. But recently she posted a pic on twitter where she hugs a guy. This making lot of buzz around the industry and fans to know more about who is that guy.

Nithya will never share pics with her parents, friends, and other personal things on social media. Once she shared a personal life pic on social media everyone is like awe who is this guy beside her. Also she posted some information about the pic to stop rumors which she expected after posting the pic.

She posted on Twitter saying, “Friends, Love and Happiness” #onenesssUniversity #OandOacademy #OliverCalhoun. With the comments flooded over this pic she replied saying, “For those who are asking… this is Oliver…! a friend and little brother of mine…. 🙂 (yes, I said ‘little’… I think he is about 18 years old 🙂 “

As many fans of her started posting ‘heartbreak’ and related memes and some expressed that is just a lovely hug as they were good friends. With the reply on her post she kept a full stop to all the comments.

Sources say that Oliver is an Assistant Director working in Hollywood industry and a good friend of Nithya Menon for a long time. And finally her fans took a long breath.