Nagababu targetting Balayya again – Vetagadu

NTR Kathanayakudu is releasing shortly and everyone congratulating Balayya for the grand release of NTR Biopic which is releasing in two parts. On the other hand, Mega brother Nagababu has been targeting Balayya on social media.


Few days back Nagababu said who is Balakrishna and created a storm through one interview. Now inspite of all these, he has posted on his Facebook saying ragarding Nandamuri Balakrishna and his upcoming NTR’s biopic.

“Some lies and some fiction. Why making biopics when you can’t reveal facts?,” Posted on his timeline by Nagababuregarding he ended this post saying he also can recite poetry to pinch, indirectly as he recites poetry at Public events.

He wrote a poem saying, “Kattukathalu konni…kalpanalu inkonni…chuttanela…mootakattanela…nijam kakkaleni biopikku loddayaa..Viswadabhirama…vinaraa maamaaa!”

This is not the first time Nagababu posting inderctly for Balayya. He posted, These buffalos and pitbulls are up for sale. They have sustainable breed and bloodline. Plz go through the above websites to buy buffalos and pitbulls. Just for public interest.”

Nagababu posted this because Balayya said he was from a rare bloodline and rear breed. Also Nagababu posted “sare jahan se Acha song” sung by a little boy as Balayya failed to recite the song during elction campaigning.

NTR biopic is slated to release in two parts where, 1st part of the film NTR Kathanayakudu is releasing on January 9th and other part with few days gap.

Now let us all wait and see how Balayya is going to respond on this issue.