Nagababu Credibility Raising – Vetagadu

Nagababu is being news in recent days as he attached Nandamuri Balakrishna in many issues. By doing this one sections of are happy and other section of audience are feeling that he is intentionally targetting balayya to effect the release of NTR bio pic. But now Nagababu says everyone he not targetting Balayya but also other issues in the society.

He is giving his mark of response to everything injustice happening in the society. He is responding through his YouTube Channel regarding YS Jagan’s Biryani story, SPB’s comments on women in the industry and many more. He is coming out to question everything happening around and questioning what a common man will have in mind.

Nagababu is doing all this and raising his credibility high, as our society need to be questioned and that will be possible only through famous people. But if this questioning will continue after elections also, he will gain more credibility.

His satires and comments are funny yet making people think on the issues deeply. This is a gentleman’s way to question.