Lakshmi’s NTR: RGV Filed Case Against CBFC – Vetagadu

The Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma approached court for filing a case against Censor board. He confirmed it today that he is going to file a case against Censor board as the film is not yet watched by them for his release which is planned for 22nd March.

Censor Board refused to watch the film till the first phase of elections campaign gets finished. The maker got irritated with this act and going to file a case on this issue. He also tweeted this on his official twitter account. He also mentioned the name of advocate in his tweet with whom he is going to court to file a case.

Varma claims that CBFC has no right to postpone the date to watch the film assuming something. This will make the people think that CBFC is in favour of some party. He also stated that CBFC has all rights to postpone the date of release after watching the film, but they cannot deny it before watching the movie itself. He also says that this is a blatant pre-Censorship.

The CBFC has no authority or power to postpone processing of the film on the ground of model code of conduct even before viewing the film,” said Varma.

Reports say that film release is stopped till 11th of April as this film is partraying some crucial part of TDP President and AP CM N. Chandra Babu Naidu which can infulence the voters.