Jagan’s Request for Yatra Director – Mahi – Vetagadu

Mahi V Raghav is directing a film on YSR Padayatra and his public schemes during that time. The film is titles as Yatra – As YSR very famous leader after Paada Yatra. Mahi V Raghav is debuted in tollywood industry with Anando Brahma. Yatra film is getting ready to hit the theaters on Feb 8th 2019.

Mahi met YS Jagan twice regarding the film and he says, “I met Jagan only two times, once to show his first look poster and second time to show teaser of the film. Both the times i met he haven’t given me any suggestion regarding the film making. He questioned saying this is a film between a leader and director and he cannot come in between them.”

Mahi also says that, “Jagan told me that he dont like to intervene the story which is being directed in my angle. No one from his side raised any objections regarding the film. If they wanted it to be glorified they would have roped a best director than me and made the film in higher budget.”

The only request from Jagan to Mahi is, “Make the film without too much praising about YSR, take the actual Padayatra sequences and public schemes during that time. Also he said give all the credits to his father to everything he done but not to things that he dint do for the people. Let the film be realistic unlike other biopics.”

In this case Mahi explains that Yatra is not a biopic but just the movie with a good dose of drama. This will make audience to come to theaters with the interesting elements.