Ilayaraja to Court? – Vetagadu

Music lovers will eagerly wait for the maestro Ilayaraja songs to play on events and entertainment shows. He is the one who creates magic with his music and mesmerise them. Now this Music Maestro is in trouble.

Six Tamil producers have filled a case against Ilaiyaraja. The petition is filed against Ilayaraja for claiming ownership for his songs. This case was files in Madras High Court by various producers.

These producers who bankrolled for his songs has claimed petition for their copyrights. It is heard that Maestro was charging royalty for using his songs at the live concerts that are composed by him. Ilayaraja also sent some court notices to some playback singers for performing his compositions in live concerts without paying royalty.

Now producers have come up with new question that, they are the first owner of all the films including rights over songs both audio and visual. Producers says that they already pay huge bucks for music directors for compositions and we own the copyrights.

High Court is yet to take any desicion over this. Any comment by Ilayaraja on this issues will be more countering.