Fasak – Title for Manchu Film – Vetagadu

Filmmakers have a habit of using the trending words as their titles to make the film trend from the day of the shoot. Names from lyrics of the song, titles of old film etc will be used as movie titles. You might have a doubt why we are discussing all this… Come lets us see what it is…


These days on social media and everywhere the word, “Fasak” is trending after Mohan babu used it in an interview. As it been a sensation and trend on social media Manchus are enjoying it. Not only enjoying it they are taking an intelligent move.

Manchu Vishnu is going to make “Fasak” as his upcoming movie title. Sure if Manchus come up with this title it will be very interesting. With this move, Manchu Vishnu is making sure that no one else will take this word from them.

But as per rules of Film Chamber, it is said that this title cannot be registered. It is also said that it will have only 90 days window to start that shooting of film if this title is used. Let us see how this title is going to shake the Manchus fans.