Director Shankar planning Golden Set – Vetagadu

Tollywood is taking grand steps towards the high budget films. When comes to the south film industry we can see Director Shankar and Rajamouli films will have a huge budget in crores. The recent hit of Shankar “Robo 2.O” is estimated about 550 crores budget which is more than Rajamouli’s Bahubali which is directed with 350 crores.


Now Shankar is getting ready with another project “Indian 2” which is being estimated as 200 crores budget film. When comes to director Shankar’s film there is a huge expectation with grand eye treat sets in his film. Continuing the same in this film “Indian 2” he is planning a set with Gold which is crucial in many parts of the film.

It is heard that there are 3 or 4 scenes in the film that are very crucial will be shot here. But Shankar is very serious with this set to be a grand one and taking care regarding the set production.

To get the realistic look of gold he is inviting a team of gold color coated sets specialists from China. He doesn’t want to compromise in the quality of the set as it is going to be the attraction for this film.

Always we can expect a grand set in Shankar’s movie and this going to be one on the list undoubtedly.