Balakrishna Reaction on Lakshmi’s NTR – Vetagadu

When there is an announcement of Biopic on NTR the legendary actor of Telugu film industry, there are 2 versions heard. Balakrishna came up with NTR biopic and Controversy Director Ram Gopal Varma came up with Lakshmi’s NTR.

Few days back he released “Vennupotu” song from Lakshmi’s NTR and created hype on the movie. He claimed that this film about NTR from another perception that nobody knows. Begining of the Biopic it is Teja who came up with the thought of NTR but later moved out due to some reasons.

Thereafter Balakrishna took this project on hand and took steps untill the release of the movie. In this context when Balayya is asked about his opinion on Lakshmi’s NTR, he said..

“I do not have any clue of Varma’s story about Lakshmi’s NTR. He did not approach any of the family members regarding the film. But when i started the film i took permission from every family member about NTR Biopic. It is completely his own perception that he can deliver through a film and has that freedom. But utlimately it not me but the audience who should decide about the movie,” said Balakrishna.