Allu Sirish is coming as Jaathi Ratnam – Vetagadu

Among all the mega family heroes there are few heroes who still struggling to prove their efficiency at the box office. One among such struggling heroes is Allu Sirish brother of Allu Arjun and son of Allu Aravind. This hero has not got the proper hit at the box office to prove himself.


Now, this young hero is coming up with a remake of Malayalam film ABCD with the same title for him also. Also, there is another interesting thing heard about this young talent. Allu Sirish is getting ready with another satirical comedy too.

According to reports he has agreed for the script written by Director Maruthi a couple of years back. He named the film as “Jaathi Ratnam” which going to be a satirical comedy on the society. Confirmation regarding this news is yet to come.

Also, director Maruthi is trying to impress Allu Arjun for various other scripts but the stylish star is looking for the best options. More information about Jaathi Ratnam is also yet to release by the filmmakers.