Akhil Choose Flop Director For Next Flick – Vetagadu

Akkineni Akhil entered film industry with a debut titled Akhil. This film stood like a disaster in his career and probably a wrong attempt for his launch. After a massive disaster Akhil came up with another movie ‘Hello’ and relaunched himself which hasn’t brought good results as expected.

After two flop movies he hit the theaters with lot of confidence for ‘Mr.Manju’. But the same repeated with this film too. Akhil is starving for a bumper since a long time but somehow every attempt made by him went in a wrong tract which is not at all expected by Akkineni fans. There is a surprising thing with Akhil directors from Akhil movie to Mr.Majnu.

V V Vinayak Launched Akhil into the industry with huge expectations but that did not sound much at the box office. After this film VV Vinayak did not have good film yet. Vikram Varma who delivered successful scripts till then has not able to get a hit after Hello. Venky Atluri is most demanding director after a script like ‘Tholiprema’ but his attempt for Mr.Manju failed at box office.

As he went on with the successful directors and faced disasters this time he is going back of a failure director. It is heard that Akhil is looking back to Bommarillu Basker who failed to deliver his last flick and facing a huge gap for his direction. It is also heard that Allu Aravind is going to bankroll the film.

Official announcement of the film is yet to come out. Until them we should wait and see whom Akhil is going to choose for his next filck. One thing is clear that Akhil will not go for crazy combination but for deadly scripts to experience a block buster.